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Failures that can cost CISO jobs

December 11, 2017

Uma grande, mas evitável violação de segurança pode facilmente levar à demissão de um CISO. Mas alguns erros menos óbvios podem levar ao mesmo.

5 fireable offenses that could cost CISOs their jobs

November 29, 2017

Sure, a big preventable breach might easily cost a CISO his or her job–just ask Susan Mauldin, the former Equifax CISO. A few less obvious missteps could do the same.

Advice You Should Ignore – Jobs – Breaking Up

April 27, 2016

You hear these so-called pearls of wisdom all the time…but has anyone ever really stopped to consider whether the advice is legit? Cosmo got the real deal. Here's what the experts had to say.