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Here are the only 3 times you should use a debit card

October 31, 2017

Credit cards offer more protection and rewards, but there are a few occasions when debit makes more sense.

Yes, Your Wi-Fi Router Is Easily Hacked: No, You Should Not Panic

October 30, 2017

Are hackers exploiting the Krack attack to spy on you?

Beware, online identity thieves are getting smarter – Punch Newspapers

October 29, 2017

You have known that you should not fall for those emails that promise your share of an inheritance if only you will send over your banking informat…

Krack Attack: Security Flaw Puts Every Wi-Fi Connection at Risk – NBC News

October 28, 2017

Are hackers exploiting the Krack attack to spy on you?

Geofencing helps advertisers and store reach customers via their smartphones | The News Tribune

October 27, 2017

Geofencing is targeting people with smartphones in the proximity of a business to reach them in new ways with mobile ads. But there are risks.

Cyber Security Awareness Month – The online threats you need to know about now

October 26, 2017

Every October has been set aside as National Cyber Security Awareness Month – a public service campaign to educate people about risks to their online privacy. This year’s campaign is especially pressing with the recent cyberattacks on Equifax, the DNC and more. Cyber security awareness is at an all-time high. In this Komando on Demand podcast, I’ll tell you about major online threats that you need to know about, and how to protect your personal information from hackers.

10-Step Guide to Recover After Your Social Security Number Is Stolen | GOBankingRates

October 25, 2017

Over 15 million Americans were identity theft victims in 2016, and that number could skyrocket in the wake of the recent Equifax data breach. The Equifax hack compromised over 145 million…

10 Real Estate Scams That You Need To Avoid Today | Scam Detector

October 24, 2017

Residential real estate tips and home buying scams that you want to know about: from mortgage closing date fraud and arc fault breakers to real estate news and fake lawyers – all exposed here.

Is Your Data Safe With a Robo Advisor?

October 23, 2017

Affordability and digital know-how are steering more and more investors to robo advisors, and that can mean good or bad news for financial consumers.

How to Prevent Identity Theft After Equifax | Reader's Digest

October 22, 2017

We’ve outlined what you need to know and do to protect yourself and your personal information from identity theft going forward after the Equifax breach.