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Hundreds of Android Apps Harbored Spyware — And Even Google Didn't Know – NBC News

August 29, 2017

As many as 500 seemingly harmless apps downloaded from the Google Play store hid a dirty little secret that even the app makers weren't aware of.

Is Your Smartphone Recording You? | KTRH

August 28, 2017

Believe it or not your smartphone may have been or still is recording you. If you own an Android phone, it is likely that you've used Google's…

NSA Tip: Keeping Your Mobile Devices Safe | NNA

August 28, 2017

Smartphones and tablets have become one of the most important pieces of equipment for mobile Notaries. It’s imperative that you ensure your mobile devices are always safe.

Debit card cloning ring steals thousands from South Shore residents | Boston 25 News

August 25, 2017

Federal investigators say a major multi-state skim scam stealing thousands from people on the South Shore was shut down.

Snapchat Safety Concerns – NBC Boston

August 25, 2017

With Snapchat’s location sharing tool, allowing friends to see users’ exact locations, Massachusetts State Police trooper Dustin Fitch is warning kids and parents to beware.

Snapchat Location Sharing Dangers – YouTube

August 25, 2017 Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert discusses Snapchat Location Sharing Dangers for @HotspotShield

Verizon Data Breach Affects 14 Million Customers – YouTube

August 24, 2017

Robert Siciliano identity theft expert for @HotspotShield discusses Verizon Data Breach Affects 14 Million Customers

Some say Chinese Launching Unhackable Internet with Quantum Computing – YouTube

August 24, 2017 Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert Discusses Chinese Launching Unhackable internet with Quantum Computing and how to use VPN …

How Does a VPN Protect My Computer and Privacy?

August 24, 2017

Have you ever heard of a sniffer? This is a computer program that is used to decode data to make it readable, but in nefarious ways